Chicago-based indie pop-rock quartet Purple Apple is made up of three 16-year-old girls and their twentysomething former babysitter, Devin, on drums. The three schoolmates at the core of the band - Olivia, Madi and Nonie - are wise beyond their years, and nowhere does this show more than in their songwriting. Since the release of their debut EP Sweet Wolverine in 2010, the girls have written more than two dozen new songs and landed a development/publishing deal.  Playing at Lollapalooza was the highlight for 2012 and 2013 was jam packed with gigs, including a Midwest tour with recording artist, Lissie. The second half of 2103 and early 2014 was spent with legendary music producer, Mike Chapman (Blondie, Material Issue, The Knack, Suzi Quatro, Pat Benatar, Rod Stewart) recording an EP for a spring 2014 release.